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 Welcome! We are so happy you are here and considering iSwim Cayman + Safety School as part of your son or daughter’s swimming journey. iSwim Cayman provides swim lessons for children from the age of 3 months through to the adults


We offer classes from very beginner lessons all the way through to competitive training. Our program differs from others as we offer intensive swim lessons so  we can assure that we have your child swimming confidently and independently as soon as possible!


"We were lucky enough to have won a week of the summer camp for our 3 year old daughter. She LOVED it!! They did crafts and took beach walks and practiced thier swimming. I highly recommended this group to anyone. I will be sending her again!"

-Blaire (Brooklyns Mom)


Mobile Private

Semi-Private & Group Swim Lessons

Why Us?

-Fully Trained & Experienced Coahes with 10+ Years Experience Coaching All Ages & Abilities

-Caymans #1 Intensive Swim Program, dedicated to teaching your children how to swim as quickly and efficiently as possible

-Every lesson is designed around each child's individual needs and we aim to boost self esteem & confidence  during our lessons

- Water Safety is our priority! We teach kids what to do in emergency situations & the importance of understanding their ability

-Fall in - Swim Back to the wall routine is taught in the very first lessons for survival!

Book Your Swim Lesson

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